Buzz Why Sunny Leone won’t say hello to Ranveer Singh at a...

Buzz Why Sunny Leone won’t say hello to Ranveer Singh at a party?


Sunny Leone could have played dare avatar onscreen that was naked but the actress confesses that she’s reserved and quite shy so much so that she’d feel anxious say hello and to walk up to someone.

“The largest issue with me is that I’m self-conscious. I understand it’s very difficult to trust. I’m a huge fan. I saw your last film. It seems so fake and terrible,” said Sunny Leone.

Like in america, I go to some fitness areas that are distinct. Nobody goes up to her and says Hello, if Katie Holmes is sitting within my group doing various boot camps. There’s a feeling of space which you give to individuals. Nobody says and goes Hey can I shoot a picture on you, I’m a huge fan. This simply does not occur there. So, that’s the culture I come kind. So, it really is difficult for me personally to break that and not be quite as self-conscious.”

The performer revealed that whenever she’s gone out partying folks have gone from their to present themselves while Sunny Leone might be self-conscious by nature. “I do not go to social functions because I ‘ve my professional commitments to meet.

Sunny Leone will be seen in ‘Mastizaade’.