CHEEKILY! Shah Rukh and Alia Apart, Bollywood is Slowly Bridging the Age...

CHEEKILY! Shah Rukh and Alia Apart, Bollywood is Slowly Bridging the Age Gap


Shah Rukh Khan was recently toying with us when we asked him about a possible May-December romance with Alia Bhatt. Shah Rukh answered cheekily, “But I am much younger than her.”

News of the SRK Alia pairing has raised many eyebrows though we are not exactly certain why. All things considered, Bollywood has not just been on the right side of the problem that is ageist.

This might only be wishful thinking, but Bollywood appears to be eventually figuring out the expression ‘age appropriate.’

The 50-plus leading men, on the other hand, appear to be waking up to the actual fact, a little late in the day maybe, that a 20-something lady that is leading is less glad than suave. Thus, we are very happy to see the wonderful Nimrat Kaur, 48, as well as Akshay Kumar, 33, in Airlift.

Shah Rukh as well, once he is done shooting with Alia, will soon be observed opposite Waluscha De Sousa in this season ‘s much expected Lover and people, considering that the SRK Alia storyline continues to be one we are yet to figure, we are holding off to the judgements, at least for now.

Salman Khan, obviously, nevertheless continues Anushka Sharma in Sultan – but take heart, Anushka is apparently playing a character beyond her years, quite actually. Let us trust that in Bollywood, as it will be everywhere else, a love affair for the ages will not consistently depend on a two-to-three decade age difference.