China announces Disaster relief help for Pakistan

China announces Disaster relief help for Pakistan


In his message of condolence Xi said that Pakistan and China are all weather strategic partners of cooperation and also the Chinese people also feel the pains of the Pakistani people in the face of the catastrophe.

China is prepared to provide support to Pakistan if desired. He expressed the belief that the individuals of Pakistan and also the government will get the better of the aftermath of the disaster and rebuild their homelands, reports Chinese media.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Representative Lu Kang expressed deep condolences with the hit families of the earthquake in Pakistan and Afghanistan. President further said, the Chinese government is prepared to assist Pakistan with disaster aid at its request.

Emergency aid will be provided by red Cross Society of China in cash, he explained in a regular press conference. Our hearts go out to nations impacted by the earthquake, he added.

China has always been on forefront helping the people of Pakistan during the time of such calamity. It was the initial country during the earthquake of 2005, providing support that is tremendous to Pakistan in relief and rescue operation. China always stood in the hour demand and showed generosity in assisting the affected people, said a senior Pakistani official while commenting on the statement of Chinese foreign office.