Damon Albarn has played down a supposed feud with Adele, saying it...

Damon Albarn has played down a supposed feud with Adele, saying it was “not even true’


Soon before 25 was released, Adele replied in a interview, saying that assembly Albarn was a case of “do not meet your idols”.

“It is not even accurate,” Albarn said. “It is astonishing how folks will run with things that’s no credence whatsoever and turn it into something and then observe the reaction.”

Albarn included he was baffled by the world wide web generally, and remembered being perplexed as to if the under and reading among his own interviews -the-line remarks were part of this article. “Folks weren’t sort; it was … enlightening,” he said.

However, he neglected to clarify just how his opinions regarding Adele was misinterpreted. And I am not a producer, thus … I do not understand what’s happening actually. Will she use the material? I do not believe so. Let us see and wait. To be honest, she is hardly secure. And she does not need to be, she is still so youthful.”

Adele took special exception to the “risky” tag, saying that she’d just discussed her worries about really being a professional musician using a kid and asked him for guidance. “He said I used to be risky, when I am the least insecure man I understand. I had been requesting his opinion about my anxieties, about coming back having a kid affected — because he’s got a kid — and then he calls me risky?” But it was miserable, and I regret hanging out with him.”