Ehem Ehem! Salman Khan rushed to meet Alia Bhatt after she met...

Ehem Ehem! Salman Khan rushed to meet Alia Bhatt after she met with an accident?


We reported Alia Bhatt and a serious injury met while performing in the Big Star Entertainment Awards lately.

Blame it to the cracker explosions on stage, she got serious burns on hands and her face.

We brought to you pictures of her hands that were bruised post the mishap! But much did we understand that Salman Khan was among the initial ones’ to meet with Alia, when he learnt she met with a collision!

Yes!Word is the fact that Salman, who had been also present in the site that day, ran to Alia’s dressing table van to ensure she was alright and even counseled her to go home ASAP!

For irrespective of who that’s all that we understand, Salman has consistently been this considerate about individuals! No wonder everyone respects him so much. Yet, contrary to this, there’s also this another group of reports that indicates Salman kept Alia although we dunno how accurate is that waiting during this same award show!

Things in this way are a tender reminder that security can’t be overlooked by us. FYI my face is good.”