Fleur East Glittering Performance Meltdown fans

Fleur East Glittering Performance Meltdown fans


The show’s former runner up returns this evening to perform her new single Sax.

Donning playsuit and her trademark sassy curls -inspired, the star wowed the audience with her energetic performance.

Meanwhile, those tuning in at home were swift shower the star and to take to Twitter.

One viewer named Donna tweeted: “Cheryl smiling thru gritted teeth as Fleur does something she can never do- song n dance live and doing it brilliantly!!” Another, called Abdullah, posted: “Fleur East’s performance on X Factor was the best live performance ever!!!!!!!!!”

Genuine tears. That was one of the best live performances X factor has ever had.”

Talking Olly Murs afterwards, Fleur looked delighted to be back on the show that made her famous.

“This stage altered my life,” she beamed. “The contestants don’t realise what it may do. But I’m living proof!”
Clearly impressed by her performance, Simon then remarked: “Seriously, from the minute you started, Simon was just speechless. You had been good this past year but that was off the chart. Like I have consistently said, this is the reason we make the show.”

Fleur’s new single Sax is out now.