Gina Rodriguez isnt aware of the End of Jane the Virgin’s Season...

Gina Rodriguez isnt aware of the End of Jane the Virgin’s Season 2 Premiere


Ummmmm, hello? Guten Tag? Who is this mysterious girl plotting against Jane at the end the Virgin season two premiere?! And WTF does she need with our leading lady?!

As always, the story assures to be continued–but you may need to wait a bit for resolution considering even star Gina Rodriguez still has no clue what that small epilogue to the episode was all about.

But Rodriguez is perhaps OK with that. “That’s what’s kind of amazing at times–I will not understand where they’re going with specific storylines or certain people, and the beautiful discovery about life is we do not know what’s going to occur tomorrow or two hours from now, so I like to keep it that way with my character.

Jane truly has no idea that is going on and I have NO clue what’s happening!”

Do not stress about it, however. Rodriguez has the greatest beliefs in originator Jennie Snyder Urman to turn it into a satisfying storyline. “I definitely understand I want some more time to see what is occurring there.

However , I trust Jennie fully to make it all come to fruition in the best way possible!”

Who in the heck could this girl be? Make your conspiracy theories!