Hot Justin Bieber is not restricted to follow trend

Hot Justin Bieber is not restricted to follow trend


As he enters his experimental early twenties–a time when ordinary human beings are merely from college, having sex with strangers, partying recklessly, and making peanuts at jobs they despise–Justin Bieber is finding himself through surprising sartorial choices, when he’s deciding to wear clothing in any way. Take this look, for instance.


It seems that Bieber, seen at LAX yesterday, is either trolling the Internet or challenging Jaden Smith for the name of strangest dresser–or, possibly, it’s only laundry day and the 21-year-old pop star had a private flight to catch for a bare romp in Bora Bora.

Listen, do we approve of what is occurring here, in all its HBA-meets-Burning Man glory? No. But we also question the truth that Bieber takes the outfit because who the hell does he have to impress these days?

Like an actual megalomaniac, Bieber may be having some fun within our expense. Not everyone can turn a visit to the airport into a goddamned fashion show. Consider this the outward manifestation of a famous young billionaire pop star’s rebellion. Yeah, that’s what we thought.