It is an exciting year for ‘Mastani’ Deepika Padukone

It is an exciting year for ‘Mastani’ Deepika Padukone


In the packed walk to the history in the downfalls of yesteryear by lanes into a ride – distinct sides have found their way. Now, actress Deepika Padukone success the silverscreen.

Depika said: Her part in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s forthcoming movie Bajirao Mastani is imbued with specific characteristics of town.

“A lot of inspiration comes from Delhi in terms of style and fashion. There are certain things from the film itself and especially my character Mastani, which draws inspiration from the city,” Deepika said at an event here.

The performer was speaking in the start of the tune titled Deewani Mastani, that was unveiled on Saturday of the film’s.

The movie brings a love story – Mastani, who had been the 2nd wife Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I (played by Ranveer Singh). In addition, it stars Priyanka Chopra Kashibai as Bajirao’s first wife,. Deepika points out the movie is not low .

“Be it set designs, costumes, jewelry, hair and make-up, a lot of detailing has gone into making the final outcome,” she said.

This can be an exciting year. There was Piku in Kolkata and I play a part of a simple girl residing in Delhi. And now ‘Bajirao Mastani’ that’s an entire comparison. My part in the movie is not same in all sense.