Kate Winslet said Talking about salaries is vulgar

Kate Winslet said Talking about salaries is vulgar


The gender pay gap has been a popular subject of discussion within Hollywood since last year, when it had been revealed Amy Adams and performers Jennifer Lawrence were paid less than their male costars Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale for work.

The wage inequality was exposed when Sony Pictures Entertainment’s databases were hacked, and Jennifer has since written articles on the debate, insisting she had no idea until e-mails that were leaked appeared, she had been paid less. Amy additionally declared she didn’t wish to campaign for more money as she was worried about looking “challenging” or “spoiled”.

Titanic actress Kate doesn’t care to talk about the topic because she does not like talking about her finances, although many stars came out in support of her post, including Bradley and his Burnt co-star Sienna Miller.

“I understand why they have been developing but maybe it is a British thing. I do not like talking about money – It is somewhat vulgar isn’t it?

“I don’t believe that is a very nice dialog to have freely at all… I am quite surprised by these dialogs mainly because it appears quite a peculiar thing to be discussing out in the open like that, to be honest. And I could have either dealt with that situation or removed myself from it, if I had ever been in it.

“I find all this fairly uneasy. I haven’t ever felt that I’ve truly had to stick up for myself simply because I’m a woman.” Sienna Miller recently urged celebrities to boycott jobs after she quit a Broadway play above a salary dispute which don’t give equal pay to female stars.