Most Important Comedies on TV Right Now

Most Important Comedies on TV Right Now


For a show promising to be about a few of the worst people, You’re the Worst sure does bring a good deal of the greatest feelings out.

A typical episode makes us laugh, makes us grin, makes us need to embrace something, and makes us weep serious tears we wish we’d.

This show has consistently felt weirdly real–especially for any young people surviving in Los Angeles (and extra notably if they have ever tried improv)–but tonight’s episode, “There is Not Now a Trouble,” took things to an entirely new degree as Gretchen revealed to Jimmy that she’s clinically depressed.

Depression has been dealt with by tV before, but rarely in a sense that does not feel like one of those Very Special Episodes, and never before as ridiculous as Lindsay playing the voice of reason and comfort with a character.

As we laugh-cried at Lindsay’s incredible skill to be both a hot wreck and also a loyal pal in precisely the same time, we were also weirdly struck by how we have, at some point or another, been everyone on this show, from the outsider Dorothy simply trying to be enjoyed to best friend Lindsay with all the duty of finding the correct thing to say when that right thing mightn’t truly exist.

We have been Jimmy, suddenly learning of a problem you care so much about but can not repair, and we’ve been Gretchen, curled up on the bed and shouting about everything that’s wrong with us. (We have never been Vernon, but we’re OK with that.)

We’ve also been Jimmy on the hunt for an evasive rodent, but that is a story for another time.

Essentially what we are saying here is that we value it so, so much when a show takes the full time to realistically portray real moments like tonight’s episode did, and like every episode of this show does, and when you’re not watching, then only understand that there is something actually amazing missing from your life.