OMG! Playboy model’s locker room photo investigated

OMG! Playboy model’s locker room photo investigated


Los Angeles authorities are investigating after a Playboy model freely shared a picture of another girl nude in a gym changing room.

Captioning it “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either”, Dani Mathers posted the image beside one of herself covering her mouth in mock disgust.

She later apologised, saying she believed her post that was Snapchat had been a private dialogue.

Sharing someone’s nude picture without their permission is not legal in California.

Ms Mathers could face a fine or a brief prison sentence, if found guilty. A sexual assault office of the LA police department searching for the girl who was photographed and is investigating.

Ms Mathers has faced widespread criticism online, has lost her job and continues to be eternally banned in the chain of health clubs.

After deleting the picture, Ms Mathers posted an apology on Snapchat in a collection of videos, saying her activities had been “completely incorrect”.