OMG! Video of Aishwarya Rai’s mother falling at the airport will make...

OMG! Video of Aishwarya Rai’s mother falling at the airport will make you ANGRY!


Yesterday a media scuffle led to one shocking mishap at the airport! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s mommy fell prey to the hounding paparazzi who made it tough for her to even walk out of the airport. We’ve got a video which shows Ash taking daughter Aaradhya and walking from the airport with her mum. Turns out one of the videographers driven himself on Aishwarya’s mom and hurt her bad. Actually, you know if you hear the video carefully, additionally you will realise the way the photogs are constantly heard fighting with Ash’s bodyguards “Arey bass kar kya?? Arey side na?” Undoubtedly, the photogs tried every way to capture the actress with her mum and infant but little did anyone expect it’d result into this kind of unfortunate mishap.

Our sources further disclose how Aaradhya too got hurt during this media craze. Well, it’s truly sad even family members are paying this kind of heavy cost for being related to a star. Suppose it’s high time the photogs begin maintaining some decorum. Lately Sohail Khan too had lashed out for pushing themselves on dad Salim Khan, if you recall. Remember the time for not letting his father walk out of a restaurant when Sohail had nearly got into an abusive fight with the camera men?