Photo of Mullah Omer released

Photo of Mullah Omer released


The picture, shot in 1978, was posted on the Taliban’s official website.

A senior Taliban official who sent AFP the graphic verified that it was originally a black-and-white image andwas after colourised.

The life and death of Omar stay the new image and also a mystery may be one of the only two verified photographs in existence.

While Omar was a pupil at a madrassa in Kandahar, as stated by the Taliban, the picture was shot.

Born around 1960, Omer fought with all the Afghan mujahideen against the invading Soviet army in the 1980s and lost his right eye in battle, possibly to bursting shrapnel.

While more prosaic accounts say he was treated at a hospital in Pakistan, Taliban legend has it that he cut out the hurt eye himself.