PlayStation 4 price cut to £300 in the UK

PlayStation 4 price cut to £300 in the UK


Sony slashed the cost of its PlayStation 4 console to EUR 350 in Europe, and GBP300 in the United Kingdom.

That is the price for the variation with 500GB of storage, but Sony also cut the cost of several special- bundles and variant games consoles.

The move follows similar price cuts to the games console in Japan and the US and Australia earlier this month, and brings pricing consistent with the PS4’s main competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One, well in time.

Competition in the games console market is always fierce at this time of year ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

Price wars benefit consumers as firms such as Sony and Microsoft attempt to undercut each other, who can cut costs. With many gaming enthusiasts choosing gaming PCs instead of games consoles, other variables are at play, also, in the gaming market, and more casual players turning to smartphones and tablet computers.

The Japanese business considers the PS4 appeal will be made by the lesser cost to a broader audience.

It is unpleasant for brand new customers to learn of price cuts for the product they just bought, although not everyone will be disappointed. Some UK retailers already were selling the PS4 in bundles, particularly for less than Sony’s recommended retail price.

As for Microsoft, the company claimed August was a great month with sales rising by 26 percent over the exact same month in 2014.