Priyanka Chopra is the first South Asian woman to get top billing...

Priyanka Chopra is the first South Asian woman to get top billing in an American network drama


Priyanka Chopra didn’t desire American TV to make her a star.

The performer, who plays an FBI trainee suspected of participation in a terrorist attack in the ABC drama “Quantico,” is already one of the most famous girls in India — where she’s known just as “P.C.” — if not the world. The previous Miss World has 11 million followers on Twitter and, in a career spanning more than 50 Bollywood movies, has portrayed a fighter, an autistic girl, a serial killer plus a cabaret dancer.

Now with “Quantico,” which recently received a full-season pickup, she is the very first South Asian girl to get top billing in a American network drama.

She is just not the kind of man you wish to spill coffee on, especially not when she’s only been styled for a photo shoot. So when a crash in the hallway of ABC’s offices results in a brownish spot on the sleeve of Chopra’s gossamer white blouse, it is clear that everyone briefly panics. A network executive proposes dabbing at one of Chopra’s handlers with sparkling water, as it sweeps in to blot the coffee using a tissue.

“Quickly, someone get some Perrier!” Chopra says using a hearty chortle, forthwith defusing the anxiety. Yet glamorous her image may be, Chopra, 33, is tactile and warm in person, emphasizing her points with some the elbow or knee and saying goodbye using a hug.

Priyanka ChopraAs members of her entourage ducked in and out from the room to test on the condition of the stain, Chopra, who was born in India and lived in America for several years as a teen, discussed the need for diversity on the small display and the hazards of being perceived as a cross-over star.

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    Chopra has thicker lips than Washington. Real tractor-tires.