RIP Jennifer Cardy! Parents ‘prayed’ for murderer

RIP Jennifer Cardy! Parents ‘prayed’ for murderer


The parents of among the victims of serial child killer Robert Black have said they “prayed” for the assassin and took no delight in his prison departure.

Jennifer Cardy, from Northern Ireland, was one of four young girls killed by Black, who died in jail.

The nine-year old was abducted, assaulted and killed near her home in Ballinderry, County Antrim.

Her parents, Andy Cardy and Pat, spoke of how their approach had been influenced by their Christian religion to Black.

Mrs Cardy said she wished she might have met Black before his passing as she considered he may have been responsible for other unsolved child murders.

“Had I been in a position to speak, just as a lady to a man, and ask him where did he throw or fling or set the bodies of many more little girls which he killed,” she said.

“That hasn’t been proved, I understand that, but there are many children’s homicides, little girls’ murders with his hallmark.”