SELFIE TIME! Yo Yo Honey Singh’s selfie with Shah Rukh Khan is...

SELFIE TIME! Yo Yo Honey Singh’s selfie with Shah Rukh Khan is what PATCH UP looks like!


Yo Yo Honey Singh became a rage in B town after few of his singles began to make listeners go mad. Soon enough his tunes began to make its method to each and every movie in Bollywood including Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express.

Now, we must confess we all have danced to its melodies and Lungi dance is wildly catchy.

The tune became a huge hit as well as the rapper became a worth addition to SRK’s POETRY SLAM tour that was held before Joyful New Year’s release.

There were murmurs that SRK slapped Yo Yo Honey Singh during the SLAM tour because the celebrity was actually enraged at something.

He apparently even requested the rapper to leave the show. The singer stopped making public appearances and rumours of him checking into a rehab became abound, shortly after.

Obviously, his wife and him refuted all such rumours. Now it seems there is no bad blood between the actor and the singer.

Based on reports, it occurred after party at Vikram Phadnis’. Apparently, SRK was gone up to by Singh and apologised for his ‘error’.

He blamed his health as the reason behind his previous mis behaviour. They spoke briefly which culminated in this selfie. Imagine his cause will be helped by this selfie !