Tiniest ‘iRing’ that will boost iPhone by Apple

Tiniest ‘iRing’ that will boost iPhone by Apple


Apple really is ringing the changes – this time having a tiny’ smart ring’ that will boast a number of the functions of the iPhone.

The technology giant was last week granted a patent for an ‘iRing’ that will all be able to take photos, text and tell the time – small enough to wear in your index finger.


The smart ring will even feature a small touchscreen and apps that could be got utilizing the thumb.

A microphone will allow users to dictate text messages while a tiny camera can take pictures. The ring could have biometric sensors to record heartbeat, perspiration temperature and levels so that health- conscious owners can keep tabs on their fitness.

The patent contains strategies to detect the user’s composing movement, enabling handwritten notes to be digitally recorded by it.

Similar to the recently released Apple Watch, the unit would interact with the owner’s iPhone, for instance, by using its GPS receiver to show maps on the ring’s screen. The patent says:

‘The use of touch-sensitive surfaces as input devices for other devices and computers has increased considerably recently.

‘A user controls an external electronic device using a finger ring-mounted touchscreen that features a computer central processing unit, wireless transceiver, and power source that is rechargeable.

Apple – whose gadgets became must-have products after the late Steve Jobs returned to the ailing company and introduced the iMac – has sold 700 million iPhones worldwide.

Last month, it had been reported the California-based firm will establish an electric car within the next four years.

Matt Webb, entrepreneur and web adviser at interconnected.org, said: ‘The ring might carry additional features, such as all your passwords. That could make it like a 21st Century signet ring.’