Twitter Rolling Out ​​New Tools to Control Abusers

Twitter Rolling Out ​​New Tools to Control Abusers


A few weeks earlier, the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo said that they are not effective in dealing with the abuse. The company is now introducing new tools to control harassment activities on their service.From now onwards, the users who has been temporarily banned by the company will have to use an email address or phone number to verify their identity before resuming using their Twitter account.  Also twitter has Announced That they will try to Improve the abuse reporting tools Further.Such News Technology trends will Enhance more cyber security and functionality.

Using Phone Numbers to Keep Away Abusers

It is easy to make email address and get their identity verified. However, it is hard to create phone numbers and by checking the numbers of banned users, Twitter will be able to deny access to them to create accounts. Twitter made ​​abuse reporting simpler in December 2014. This change allowed the users to report abuse using mobile phones with fewer inputs. It is possible for the bystanders of the victims to report any abuse. The improved and simplified workflow can be used to report self-harm, impersonation and any inappropriate posting. It is also possible to use third-party accounts to report violations of the terms and services of Twitter.

Working Hard To Ban Worst Users

Tina Bhatnagar, Vice President of user services, announced that Twitter is working hard to ban the worst users of the service. He said that they are reviewing user reports five times and they increased the number of support team to three-folds to handle the abuse reports. Though the change will not completely prevent the harassers or abusers from using the service, they will have some barrier to reach their target. That this means the new tools will be a small step to address the issue of troll problem for Twitter.Read breaking news and latest updates at SRJ News . User friendly acess has always been a great demand in social media.

How Tracking Phone Numbers Help?

There is no need for new users of Twitter to provide the phone number when they sign up for the service. So, the user who has been banned can create a new account, even if they have a black mark in their Twitter history.However, if this person starts to harass others again, the Twitter will ask them to provide their email address and phone number. If the phone number is on their list of banned accounts, the abuser may get permanently suspended. However, the person who has been asked to provide the verification phone number can opt to abandon the present account and can create a new one.




Use Jetpack Plugin to Add Additional Functionality to Your Blog

Any Word Press website that is self hosted need features which help in monitoring the services or the website owner may want to install certain additional services to add leverage to the account. Though the Word Press comes with the feature to add plugins on the web server, the website owners may need to achieve the functionality without using the administrative access or using second server. It is not realistic for average users to do the installation and maintenance of service monitoring features on the website. Jetpack plugin is a free service available from Word Press to Improve the functionality of open source Technology News blog.

Installation of Jetpack

Jetpack is available as the default plug-in in the latest Word Press versions. The user will just have to activate it to improve the user experience. If you already have an older version Word Press, you may have to upgrade it and you have to do a manual search for the Jetpack and install it.   You will need a account to connect once the jetpack gets activated. If you do not have a Word Press account, you need to create one in order to make the plugin function. You can create the Word Press account even if you do not want to host the blog on Word Press sites.

Features offered

Once you install jetpack, you will find the jetpack in the side menu under the “Dashboard”. This enables you to use features such as photon which include a mobile friendly theme, content delivery network, image carousel, remote website monitor and notifies, etc. These tools will fit in your blog site with perfection.   This will also keep the Word Press site safe and protected. Word Press is always improving the features of the Jetpack based on the feedback from the users to make it more functional.

Benefits to the users

Jetpack provides constant stat without any excess load on the server. It monitors and manages the activities on your site by providing notifications. It will be easy to post your blog received from any client. Email subscriptions for the blog posts and the comments. It allows integration with social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr. The readers of your blog will be able to share the posts on your site using email or social network sites. The mobile theme will streamline the site for visitors on mobile devices automatically. You can receive alerts the moment any downtime of the site is detected.