Uri attack: How Modi’s India becomes a joke at home and abroad

Uri attack: How Modi’s India becomes a joke at home and abroad


Like the post-Uri assault lies of India about Pakistan, the hollowness of getting Islamabad “ of New Delhi’s propaganda, isolated” is now a joke for many Indians.

While the entire world observed the interactions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and heard what the world leaders said about Pakistan, some Indians have even shared these facts on the social media mocking the Modi government claims.

Sanjiv Bhatt is a former Indian Police Service officer from Gujarat. He’s known for his role in filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India when he was Chief Minister of the Government of Gujarat. Bhatt had claimed to have attended a meeting, during which Modi had purportedly asked top police officials to let Hindus vent their rage against the Muslims out.

On how ” Pakistan was isolated by India “ Bhatt discussed his facebook remark.

Through his tweet, Bhatt shared his facebook comment on how India “isolated” Pakistan. He wrote:

  1. Russian forces arrive in Pakistan to hold joint military drills snubbing India.
  2. Indonesia offers Pakistan defence equipment.
  3. Iran wants to be a part of CPEC and link Chabahar port with it built on Indian money.
  4. China says it supports Islamabad’s stance on Kashmir.
  5. OIC says it supports Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir.
  6. Turkey sending fact finding mission to Kashmir on Pakistan demand.
  7. Nepal wants to boost bilateral relations with Pakistan.
  8. USA has refrained from naming Pakistan for the Uri Attack.

He would have picked to be disciple of Arnab Goswami (Indian journalist) and his likes in Indian propaganda business.”

As reflected in Sanjiv Bhatt comments, India claimed and attempted to mislead the world that Russians have called off the joint military exercise. The Russians landed on Friday for ever military exercise in Pakistan.

After the Uri attack, Chinese PM Li Keqiang in most unequivocal terms and without mincing words said that Beijing attaches great importance to Islamabad’s position on the Kashmir issue, and “China is standing by Pakistan and will continue to raise their voice in its support at every forum”.

Rouhani said Iran added that the security of Pakistan is the security of Iran and considers Pakistan’s economic development as its own development.

Before Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s address to the UNGA, members of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation’s Contact Group on Kashmir reaffirmed their solidarity with the valiant Kashmiri people and demanded an end to the repression in Indian-occupied part of the disputed state.

Arab world and Turkey also called upon India to execute the UN Security Council’s resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also met with top leadership of Britain, Japan and other countries.

USA has unambiguously appreciated Pakistan’s performance in Zarb e Azb and stated that US desires to remain in constructive relationship and would continue with Strategic Dialogue.

The US administration not only prevented endorsing Indian allegations against Pakistan following Uri strike but to New Delhi’s dismay the State Department spokesman has said and distanced from India’s attempt to rouse an International controversy. The state department spokesman said, “The US government values the unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan, and we do not support autonomy for Balochistan.”

I’m one of the admirers of COAS Gen Raheel Sharif and I appreciate his direction.”

Responding to Indian propaganda against Pakistan, a source suggested India, “Do Not Build Castles in the Air.”

Viewing Indian allegations of Pakistan’s participation in the Uri strike India herself has began admitting that what was said within hours of the assault was factually wrong. India ’s DGMO was proved wrong but the New Delhi’s mantra — “ India now has incontrovertible signs against Pakistan” — has evaporated in the air.

In Pakistan, a joke has been shared about these Indian lies through the social media about the “undeniable evidence” against Pakistan. It reads as:

“Terrorists who attacked Army Camp at Urri had indeed come from Pakistan. Following was recovered from their dead bodies: 1. A signed NOC from DG ISI saying “I hereby give authority of assaulting Uri to these fine gentlemen. Entry etc; 2 are facilitated by Indian Army. An autographed handkerchief presented by Pak Army COAS saying “Best Wishes for Uri”; 3. Besides passport and Pakistani CNIC a signed letter by DG NADRA offering full responsibility for any lost files; 4. A receipt bill from Butt Karahi, Gawalmandi, Lahore depicting 8 NAAN and 2 kilo DESI KUKKAR KARAHI used up 2 days before the assault; 5. Dhobi and Canteen bills from Headquarters ISI Islamabad; 6. Naswar carton featuring engraved message — ‘ With love

This social media joke about Indian baseless propaganda said Pakistan probably will face international isolation and that on the foundation of these “incriminating evidence”, the Pakistani establishment is in serious trouble.