VACATION MODE! Sonam Kapoor’s Relaxing Getaway In Austria

VACATION MODE! Sonam Kapoor’s Relaxing Getaway In Austria


Well, Austria is the go-to destination for most of our B-town celebs they may be in a mood to relax and rejuvenate. Austria is where they head to for detox sessions while Maldives and London happen to be two of the most loved holiday destinations amongst about Bollywood stars. From Parineeti Chopra to Alia Bhatt – everyone swears by exactly the same Austrian luxury spa.

Sonam Kapoor was also lately holidaying in Austria. Based on a report in Mumbai Mirror, the performer went there for a two- week long detox excursion with her parents, Sunita and Anil Kapoor and brother Harshvardhan and sister Rhea. Seemingly, the resort is based out in an old world town, where no meals are permitted after 4 pm, no Wifi, no sugar or processed food.

“Sonam and her family have now been on a vegan diet, practising yoga and rigorously exercising. This really is not initially the performer has taken off to Austria. She usually goes there with Rhea, it’s their annual escape,” a source told Mirror.

It seems the programme is very taxing and drains one out entirely. But somehow for long walks to explore the old-time neighborhood and 17th century churches Sonam managed to head from the resort. Here are the photographs that she posted.