WAoOoo!! Ranveer Singh is MADLY in love with Deepika Padukone and we...

WAoOoo!! Ranveer Singh is MADLY in love with Deepika Padukone and we have proof!


Ranveer Singh is a man in love but the performer is slowly going towards being a very responsible individual in a relationship. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Ranveer discussed his contemporaries but also gave us an insight of how he’s when in relationship.

For all those wondering who he’s dating right now, well do not churn your brain so much as he’s dating his Bajirao Mastani costar Deepika Padukone. There’s enough evidence together with the media to show the couple is formally dating despite the fact that the two haven’t gone official about it.

A source lately talked about Deepika’s and Ranveer families coming together. “It was due for some time. But Deepika and Ranveer had family problems. They would not move without their permission and certainly adore their parents.

Both families are actually on the exact same wavelength as well as the couple is not uncomfortable about coming out about their reciprocal feelings. Deepika and Ranveer are not beating round the bush. In plenty of PDA, which might otherwise haven’t been permitted by Deepika, Ranveer was indulging on Comedy Nights Bachao. Yes, they can be able to take their relationship to another level.”

Discussing on the same lines Ranveer Singh disclosed a lot about his relationship standing. Require look at what he must state!

“I fucked around a lot till I was 26… but I adore being in a relationship. It is the best thing ever. My thoughts — my worldview, place, my mentality is changing. Motherfucker!

When asked in the event the existence of a certain girl helped him get to the phase?

There you’ve got it men right from the horse’s mouth!