Wasn’t Easy TASK : How Priyanka, Deepika Shot Pinga Right!!

Wasn’t Easy TASK : How Priyanka, Deepika Shot Pinga Right!!


Deepika Padukone’s and Priyanka Chopra tune Pinga from forthcoming movie Bajirao Mastani has become the talk of the town since it had been released.

Enough is said in regards to the tune, which includes more than 8 lakh views on YouTube, hereis a look at what occurred throughout the shooting of the Pinga.

“Knowing that she’s here for me and I’m there for her made the entire process of shooting the song much, much easier,” said Deepika, while Priyanka added, “Much to Sanjay sir’s disappointment.”

Deepika stated that shooting to get a tune like Pinga is a ‘challenge in itself’. “You’re shooting for the same song for over 9 days and you have to keep the act as exciting as it was on the tenth day as it was on the first day.” “And on the 25th day,” supplied Priyanka. “True that,” Deepika said with a mock-serious expression.

Deepika stated the tune was Mr Bhansali’s ‘dream’ and here Deepika and Priyanka made his ‘fantasy come true’:

Bajirao Mastani stars Deepika as his second wife Mastani and Ranveer Singh as Peshwa Bajiraoi I. Priyanka will play the first wife of Bajirao, Kashibai.