WHAT Fashion 2?? Priyanka Chopra’s Fashion to get a sequel in 2016!

WHAT Fashion 2?? Priyanka Chopra’s Fashion to get a sequel in 2016!


National award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar, who’s known for his controversial, dark yet realistic style of film making has something special. Lots of his famous films contain Satta, Chandni Bar and Page 3.

It was a breakthrough movie not just for the expert director but for celebrity Priyanka Chopra too. The previous miss world winner owes her meteoric rise to fame to Fashion and Mr Bhandarkar. If this fantastic picture really got a sequel imagine the excitement. That is exactly what may be on the cards. Bollywood trade specialist Taran Adarsh lately tweeted,” Madhur Bhandarkar intending #Fashion2 in mid-2016.

Innovative issue. One top actress to be finalized soon.” Based on Mr Adarsh, the bollywood big shot director is arranging a sequel Fashion, for the 2008 hit movie, in the centre of 2016. The narrative will feature a love triangle with a matter that is rather unique. The cast isn’t done yet and one among the top celebrities of bollywood will probably be finalized soon.

The 2015 movie Calendar Girls in particular was a instead mauled by critics who usually applaud the filmmaker’s vision. We wonder if Mr Bhandarkar can redeem himself with Vogue 2. If Priyanka, who had been the leading lady of Fashion, is going to be recast in the sequel with this specific news, the fans wonder or will the opportunity be given to somebody else.