WOAH FINALLY AN EFFECTIVE INTERVIEW : Anushka Sharma’s Fiery Tweet Proves How...

WOAH FINALLY AN EFFECTIVE INTERVIEW : Anushka Sharma’s Fiery Tweet Proves How Subtle Sexism Can Be!


Anushka Sharma lately gave among the most effective interviews to the excellent Anupama Chopra with a Bollywood celebrity in late times, where she discussed lots of matters like the ingrained sexism in the film industry.


Fundamental things like male newcomers getting more income than silly things like celebrities getting the better hotel room to the performers and female newcomers were a few disclosures Anushka made. With this type of general and truthfulness badassery, she received compliments from mainly all important media outlets. Including this one –


The tweet does appear sexist though entirely unintentional, and they were called by Anushka out .

  • Em of GeneralStreet

    Was Anushka high while talking ? lol . Well, Is she not mindful of the retribution that awaits her.

    Bollywood is super mediocre by any standard. The so called biggest stars are just plain delusional and the product they churn out is a concoction of Music, dance, scenic beauty , melodrama and loads of overacting. Mind it – There is hardly any focus on narrative and no focus on story telling.

    It is just about Hero – He walks, talks,fights… does pretty much everything that he finds amusing, something changing the whole direction of the film – Hero Worship at it’s best.

    Bollywood should attract Class Action suit for misleading people and wasting their time and Money.