WOW!! Cops turn forest into a fortress for Amitabh Bachchan’s shoot

WOW!! Cops turn forest into a fortress for Amitabh Bachchan’s shoot


Sporting a helmet as well as a chequered shirt, Amitabh Bachchan might look to be an everyman uncleji here, however he was every bit the star off-camera when he landed on Wednesday in the Ausgram for Ribhu Dasgupta’s Te3n of Burdwan.

The shooting was turned right into an important administrative activity, with cops and private security guards throwing rings of security throughout the woods region, which will be the place. Traffic over the Guskara-Ilambazar road, which passes from the area that was shooting, continues to be redirected. Where Amitabh is putting up approximately 50 officers were posted in the Bolpur resort. Mediapersons were shooed by them from the resort when there were rumours of the star’s entrance in the day. Nevertheless, Big B went right from Kolkata to the shooting area.

The authorities passion is surprising in a district that is driven by political violence followed by continued claims of police inaction, on yesteryear many months. The region is extremely sensitive, as the Maoist districts of Bankura and Birbhum are nearby.

Footnote: Several private security guards posted in the shooting area after there was trouble above their working hours left on Wednesday. They alleged that they were working without a rest or sufficient nourishments for over 24 hours. This cannot be verified in the production team.