WOW Thanks for ruining Xmas, hoverboards!

WOW Thanks for ruining Xmas, hoverboards!


We undoubtedly saw this coming. Every set of top presents rated the two wheeled scooter, or the “hoverboard,” as the among the very coveted pieces in Santa’s bag. Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber are riding about them! Get our hoverboards to us!

Hoverboards, you see, are that difficult to ride. So when small children and their just-as-excited fathers hopped to ride the wreck of wrapping paper on the ground throughout or take a twist in the outside that is very balmy, it did not always finish well.

Christmas Day social media was filled with flailing arms and face-plants likely several broken tailbones, stitches and concussions, broken arms and.

More than 900 posts have picked up . As shown by Florida representative Carlos Curbelo neither does being a politician:

“Supported – #hoverboard is for children.

The attending physician in the er at Children’s National hospital in the District of Columbia, Christina Johns, said she fortunately has not seen any hoverboard-associated harms in the previous few days. She is hoping it stays that way – particularly in her home.

Santa did come through for her 7- and 10-year olds, and up to now, they have mastered the boards pretty rapidly. Johns said she believes since they will have a lowered center of gravity reconciliation is a little simpler for children. But just in case, she gets hers wear helmets.

It is unclear from catching on fire, the best way to quit your hoverboard, however. While it had been plugged right into a wall, one in Maryland lit up. Amazon as well as other retailers have stopped selling brands that have been choosing dangerous shortcuts in creation, but almost all brands use lithium ion batteries, which may have incinerated iPods and electric cars before.

The single response to fires and crashes appears just to be continuous vigilance: Wear a helmet, make sure a buddy is while it is charging, and keep a watch in your board. We’d advocate going for the other “most popular gift of the season,” private drones, but it seems that simply stops the exact same manner:

Zoooooooooooom, joyful vacations, crash.