Veterinary doctor belonging to Ahmadi community shot dead in Lahore


A 68-year old professional physician, of the Ahmadi group, was shot at dead in capital’s that is provincial section of Moon Market.

Saleemduin, the representative for Jamat-e-Ahmadia, stated, the opponent signaled Ahmed to prevent his vehicle and immediately shot him. After doing the crime” “The thieves fled, he added.

“He suffered just one round injury to his mind,” the paper was told by him.

He added that Ahmed’s 11-year old son was resting about the rear-seat while another guy sat within the front-passenger at the attack’s time. Ahmed died at that moment .

The community’s representative stated the deceased had no private enmity and also his religion just inspired the homicide.

Ahmadis have experienced persecution in the fingers of right-wing causes and extremists. Their state leaped in 1974 in to the arena, once the Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto that was then launched a constitutional amendment proclaiming them low-Islamic to ward stress off from right wing causes.

By-passing an ordinance which makes it illegal for Ahmadis to recognize themselves then dictator Ziaul Haq furthered the plan. From calling their praise locations mosques these were likewise banned.

In Lahore, this year, the Punjabi Taliban murdered 86 Ahmadi worshippers. Through the years, talking on ‘sensitive’ problems for example spiritual discrimination is becoming increasingly harmful – outlined from the homicide of the subsequently Salmaan Taseer, Punjab Governor.